Course Features

Whether you are just starting your aerial journey or you’ve been actively training in aerial for years, this course can offer tools to advance your strength, flexibility, core awareness, preparing for flares, meat hooks and other strength driven aerial moves. We will start at the basics with warming up the body and advanced to executing sequences in the air. Unlock your potential today and join us for our CirqueTrainCation Online Course.

  • Accessibility
    Anytime, anywhere, from any device! (desktop,tablet,mobile)

  • Self-Paced Study
    Learn at your own pace and and on your own time.

  • Interactive Community Sessions
    Live sessions with Tammy FireFly from CirqueTrainCation, Costa Rica

4 private LIVE sessions

Continuing education with Tammy FireFly.

Still want to push yourself harder and get really focused and precise with your training that's specifically targeted towards your goals? Together we will create a training regime that is just for YOU! Register and receive a FREE 30min goal setting consultation before we even start our sessions! Classes are 70Mins LIVE on ZOOM or LIVE if you're in Las Vegas! Sign up and I will contact you within 24hrs to schedule our sessions.

Introduction Video

What is CirqueTrainCation Online ?

An online program that gives you 6 modules, 20 videos and hours of online material for your on the go training! Lets get FIT!

Not only can you participate in our classes, you will get an inside look at our programs, in hopes this will inspire you to train harder at home and JOIN US for our next CirqueTrainCation! Start your training now and prep to train with us LIVE in the jungle of beautiful Costa Rica.

Your TainCation Host

Tammy FireFly

Tammy Firefly is an internationally acclaimed innovative performing artist who has enthralled audiences across the globe with the marvels of Cirque Du Soleil, Americas Got Talent, Telemundo TV as well as performances and event productions catered to Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. She also worked as a performance coordinator for luxury hotels and resorts including Club Med, Hilton and the Marriott, as well as multinationals such as Heineken and Cass for commercials being filmed at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Korea. For over 10 years, Tammy has enthralled stages with her breath-taking creations which have helped her transform from an esteemed solo performer to a successful event producer and now passionate about sharing her knowledge by creating educational programs for other aspiring artists. Tammy offers her expertise through fun and engaging trainings by offering retreats, online courses, intimate residency programs and deep dive intensive workshops, both in person and online. Her all inclusive, week long training program is CirqueTrainCation, currently based in Costa Rica, with existing plans to take world wide. Tammy is a certified yoga instructor, aerial yoga practitioner, NASM Studied fitness trainer, health and nutrition mentor. Her teaching style is rooted from her advanced education and based off her 10years of personal experience in the performance world. Her passion is to deliver this knowledge to our global circus community while being surrounded in an incredible thriving natural environment in order to focus and really feel the effects of advancing the mind, body, spirit.